Our Team

Kavita is a Textile Designer from NIFT-Delhi with a decade long design experience with multiple national and international brands such as Jay Strongwater, Jonathan Adler, Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Martha Steward, Anthropologie, Frontgate and LL Bean to name a few.

Anmol is a Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship MBA from the Indian School of Business Hyderabad and has over a decade of Business and Process Consulting experience.

Kavita and Anmol are passionate about combining design with sustainability, and creating a luxurious product with a unique story that makes the consumer proud.

Who we are

Moavi is committed to reviving Indian crafts and sustainably creating high quality products that are unmatched in their technique and craftsmanship. We offer a high end product line that consists of different weaving and embroidery techniques to create hand-woven, hand stitched and hand crafted products like luxury bed linen, decorative pillows, throws, fabrics and pashmina scarves.

 By creating sustainable employment for our artisans and drawing from a rich resource pool of talented artisans spread across the country, Moavi offers a product line that is unique in technique and design and provides artisans their fair due. Additionally, we also take pride in practicing fair trade and using sustainable natural fabrics.

 Each piece at Moavi boasts of luxury, exquisite craftsmanship and celebrates the diverse heritage of India.

What Inspires Us

We are passionate about creating pieces of art which are a fusion of old and new, of the weaver’s passion and our creative expression, and creating a product which is a true embodiment of joy and happiness for people who created it and for people who will own it.

We believe that the industries of Fashion, Textile and Design offer unique and effective opportunities for designers, craftsmen and consumers alike to contribute to the alleviation of poverty by being ethical about one’s fashion choices without sacrificing style – to do good while looking good. We recognize that in India we have no shortage of incredible artisans, what we do lack is the marketing expertise to confer value onto ordinary lives that have extraordinary skills. Sadly, weavers are finding their glorious profession to be undeserving of being passed on to future generations. Poor remuneration and lack of market support has forced families to abandon their knowledge and skill to look for alternative means of livelihood. We are passionate about doing our part in creating viable opportunities to keep India’s traditional crafts alive by creating products that are in-line with today’s trends.

Craft and Artisans

The primary craft used by Moavi is Kantha and Zardozi. Zardozi embroidery was once used to embellish the garments of kings and royalty in India. The process of doing Zardozi embroidery starts with the craftsmen sitting cross-legged around the Addaa, the wooden framework, with their tools. The tools include curved hooks, needles and kasab (thread). The second step in the process is to trace out the design on the cloth, if possible fabrics like silk, satin, velvet, etc. are used. The fabric is then stretched over the wooden frame and the embroidery work begins. Needle is used to pull out each zardozi element and then it is integrated into the basic design by pushing the needle into the fabric.

Kantha (pronounced “kan-tha,” it means “old cloth”) is an ancient art form of sari blanket. Women motivated by poverty and a need to keep their families warm have made kantha for hundreds of years. In the traditional kantha style, five layers of used saris are sewn together with a single running stitch to make a quilted blanket that is both functional and beautiful. Once the blanket is finished, Bengali women “sign” their pieces with their name, a mark of pride and identity. Such blankets are passed on as heirlooms to future generations.

Recognizing the need to preserve the rich heritage of weaving culture, we had decided very early on in our business to pay our weavers more than a fair wage, so that it creates sustainable employment. Textiles offer a world of specialized weaves and techniques, some of which are on the verge of extinction as there is no viable domestic market for it. By supporting these exquisite art forms, Moavi wants to keep the ancient cultural heritage alive by bringing unique products that celebrate India’s history.

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